Mitten Progress


Still knitting away at these


The mittens are coming along slowly but surely. I’m finding it really difficult to just sit down and get to work on these, even though once I start I enjoy the process. I think it’s a combination of second mitten syndrome (second sock syndrome’s equally despised cousin) and the simple fact that these aren’t for me.

I’m using Knit Picks Palette and it really is great for colourwork. The yarn has a nice grabbiness to it and you can’t beat the colour selection (150 colours!?!).


River of Stars – First Impressions

I’m making progress on my final Evergreen book. Guy Gavriel Kay’s River of Stars is very different from my usual choice of reading material. I’m about halfway through and I’m enjoying it more than I thought I would. There are a lot of characters and lots of seemingly insignificant details that turn out to be important so I really need to concentrate when reading this, but it’s nice to lose myself in a story.

Autumn Prep

I know that technically it’s still summer for a couple more weeks, but school’s back in session and there’s a decidedly autumnal nip in the air. Time to whip up a little something to keep the chill away.

I’ve been wanting a cape for ages, but I never got around to buying one. Every time I’d see one in the store I’d look at the simple shape and think, “I could make that myself.” So I decided I would. I’m using view B of Burda 7422. I absolutely love this fabric but it frays something awful, so I decided to finish the edges with bias tape using this leftover fabric from a dress I made a few weeks ago.


Let’s see how this goes…


Of course, it’s impossible to get anything done around here without my little helper.


One of my little helpers