Wildflowers and Honey, Part 2

I finally got one time to haul out my sewing machine and make some progress on my Wildflowers and Honey Quilt. The top row are the left over single colour blocks, and the bottom row are the random blocks I made from the remaining fabric.

Wildflowers and Honey Quilt

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Cozy Memories, Part Two

I’m making pretty good progress on my Coziest Memory blanket, the fact that it’s so addictive is certainly helping things along.

Cozy Memories Blanket in progress

I’ve placed a marker at the very middle and I plan to work out from there so that it will be roughly square shaped.

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Classic Lines, Prologue

I’ve had the Classic Lines Cardigan on my radar for more years than I can remember. I even bought the yarn to make it during a Knit Picks Cyber Monday sale years ago (I think it was Cyber Monday, or maybe on of the big summer sales? the point is I bought it a long time ago).

Knit Picks Shadow Basalt Heather

I have this beautiful Knit Picks Shadow in Basalt Heather, a wonderfully complex grey with warm undertones. Now comes the tough part…

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