Book Moods


Old Books

I crave books the way others crave chocolate (although, I must admit I’m also pretty fond of chocolate). There are just so many kinds to love; old, new, funny, sad, intellectual, superficial, informative, all are good in their own way. But I can’t substitute one for the other, if I feel like getting lost in a period piece no amount of pretty pictures in a design book will satisfy me. Similarly, nothing can take the place of a good mystery on a summer night. I also find that I have very specific cravings; a cold and rainy fall day requires Jane Eyre while a warm and rainy spring day screams for The Secret Garden.

And don’t get me started on food cravings that books induce! Jane Austen makes me long for white bread with butter and raspberry jam (I don’t know why, I doubt it’s mentioned in the books) meanwhile intense thrillers require strong coffee.

I’d love to hear about your book induced cravings. And am I the only one who has book moods?


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