The Beekeeper’s Quilt

A couple years ago tiny owl knits’ beekeeper’s quilt took the knitting world by storm. I was immediately smitten, but I just couldn’t imagine stitching together hundreds of little hexipuffs, so I sighed and thought ‘not for me’. But I couldn’t shake the fascination. Every once in a while I revisit the pattern and check out what others were doing with it.

And then

A few weeks ago I literally dreamt about making this. I was carrying around a project bag and making these little puffs everywhere I went and telling everyone how awesome it was. In my dream I was downright evangelical. And as Cinderella likes to say, ‘a dream is a wish your heart makes’. So I had no choice, did I? I simply had to start my very own beekeeper’s quilt. This is definitely a long-term project, but I think I’ll enjoy every step.

All my puffs to date

All my puffs to date

My librarian inspired hexipuff

My librarian inspired hexipuff

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