Introducing Mabel

I’ve probably mentioned that I name my tools. Well, now it’s time to meet Mabel (named after this delightful character). Mabel is Kromski Fantasia that I got this past February and I love her. I purchased an unfinished wheel and stained and assembled her myself. I like that I was able to give her some personality that way – it’s a little difficult to photograph (at least with my limited skills) but her wheel is a beautiful pearly red.



100 grams of pure alpaca bliss

100 grams of pure alpaca bliss

And now back to my WIPs. As you might recall, there was a bag of pure alpaca in my project roundup. I’m making some headway on that particular goal. I’ve finished spinning the singles and it was quite interesting to work with – I’m still fairly new to this whole spinning thing and getting used to different kinds of fibres and mixes, but I quite enjoyed working with the alpaca. I originally purchased two 50 gram bags from AFCO at the CNE a few years ago, but I was quite surprised when I actually opened the bags and realized just how much fibre was actually in there. I got a lot of spinning bang for my buck on this one! Because the first spool of singles that I spun sat around for about a month already I’m going to let this newest spool rest for a few more days before plying the two together. I’m not 100% sure yet, but I think I might then cable this with some commercial lace weight from my stash.

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