More Bags to Fill

I have a weakness for bags, especially knitting bags. Recently I got it into my mind that I HAD to have a box (something like these). I spent a few pleasant afternoons browsing Etsy and some shops I saw advertised on Ravelry. I found plenty of bags that I liked, but none that I absolutely loved, and the prices were a bit steep for me.*

Buy hey, I’m a sewist (sewer? seamstress? I never know which word to use, none feels quite right). I did some digging and found this awesome tutorial by Libby of Truly Myrtle, and while out shopping yesterday I picked up some fat quarters and a matching zipper. I set to work and within a few hours I had my very own box bag for my knitting.

My first box bag

My first box bag

Libby’s tutorial was super detailed and easy to follow. I kind of made up the measurements as I went along though, so I ended up with a smaller bag than I’d have liked. Libby’s tutorial gives you a bag with no exposed seams so some parts of the sewing was a bit finicky. But the results are so worth the extra effort.

Look Ma, no seams!

Look Ma, no seams!

I can see why people love these bags so much. It’s surprisingly roomy inside and actually quite fun to make. There are a few things I’d change for the next bag though.

  • I’d make it bigger. I used a 12″ zipper for this one, but in the future I think I’l go with 16″
  • I’ll probably use interfacing on both the outer fabric and the lining; Libby actually recommends this, but I was being stingy and only used it on the outer fabric. I can’t decide if I like it this way or not, but I definitely think a larger bag will need the added support of two interfacing layers
  • I’ll make the handle a shorter – I don’t like the look of that long handle flopping about (again, I used my own measurements here, not Libby’s)
Only the second zipper I've ever installed

Only the second zipper I’ve ever install

I spent less than $10 in materials and got and afternoon’s entertainment out of the process. I’d say that’s a win. I need to get back to may WIPs now, have to finish a few projects before filling the bag with new ones!

I love these two prints together

I love these two prints together



*Please note that I totally understand all the work that goes into hand-making a bag and I definitely think they’re worth the cost, it’s just that once you factor in the exchange rate and shipping to Canada those bags tend to come in at $40+, a price I just can’t justify at the moment


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