Beatnik – Part 1

Last summer I fell in love with Norah Gaughan’s Beatnik sweater. I mean, look at those cables, how could I not? It’s a pleasurable knit that isn’t as complicated as it looks, plus I’m knitting it in the round so it’s even easier. I love the yarn I’m using – it’s Knit Picks Wool of the Andesย in a one-off colourway called ‘Stellar’ย that’s this amazingly complex red and blue flecked purple.


Beatnik in progress

So why has it been on my needles for almost a year? The problem with this project is that it requires concentration, and it is a rather large project at that. It just keeps getting put aside for instant gratification knits. But all that’s about to change.ย It’s the next thing on my WIP list. I’ve been working at it for much of July and I think I’m making pretty good progress – I’ve already split the body for the sleeve shaping.


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