Gone Fishin’


You know how in those old TV shows sometimes there’s a sign on a storefront saying ‘Gone Fishing’ or something to that extent? I think we all need one of those days every once in a while – a day to just ignore what needs to be done and do what you want to. Last week I took one of those days for myself and headed over to Niagara-on-the-Lake.  I love that place, it’s close enough that I can easily drive there in one go, yet still far away enough to feel like I’m actually going on a trip.

The town itself is full of great little shops. My favourite this time around were Taste The 4th Sense, a gourmet shop devoted to condiments and hot-sauces. I also love stopping by Modern Bee for fabric and yarn. I’m on a self-imposed yarn diet at the moment so I only bought a single ball of sock yarn, Crazy Zauberball in Herbstwind. However, I did grab several fat quarters – the grey, floral, and fox print are slated for gifts, but that blue and white one is all mine.





New fabric purchases


I also stopped in at a darling antique shop along the road. I could have spent hours in there. She really had some amazing finds – including a Singer Featherweight! I was sorely tempted by that, but realistically that isn’t exactly an impulse buy. I did manage to pick up a few vintage crafting books though, including this needlecraft book that covers everything from sewing to knitting to cross stitch and more.


Two of my loves in one – old books and needlecraft


Then there’s this 1930s Stitchcraft magazine…


1930’s Stitchcraft magazine


… full of amazing spreads like this.


Check out this spread!


And finally, my personal favourite, The Complete Family Sewing Book from the 1970s


Surprisingly useful information


Check out the groovy illustrations!




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