I decided to set aside that quilt I’m still piecing together and whip up some gifts out of those fat quarters I just bought. I made a clutch using this tutorial by Colleen over at Pretty Prudent Baby. I made it a little bigger, but changing the dimensions wasn’t difficult at all. The directions were super simple and the entire thing came together in a couple of hours.


A bow bag


I especially love the lining!


Love the cheerful lining!


I also made another box bag using Truly Myrtle’s tutorial, this time for my brother. When I saw the fabric I immediately thought of him, and a box bag seemed like the best way to show off the design.


Hipster foxes


I just lined it with plain yellow fabric.


Nice bright lining


This little guy on the handle is my favourite!


This guy’s my fave


Now that I knew what I was doing the bag went together much more quickly. I played around with the dimensions a bit but I’m still not entirely happy with the size. I used a 14″ zipper and cut the body 18″ wide – I liked the 14″ length (although I think 16″ might be better), but I think I need to make the body wider. I think if I cut it 20″ or 22″ wide it would be much better. I have to be careful though – too big and I’ll need to buy 1/2 yards instead of fat quarters! Also, when cutting out the corners I cut out 2″ squares – I like this size and will probably like it even better on a wider bag.


4 thoughts on “Gifts

    • Thanks! I feel like sewing (and knitting, and crafting in general) is great bang for my buck. I get hours of pleasure, and when I’m done I have a totally unique and usable item out of it!

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