Winter is Coming…

Almost all the leaves are gone and it’s time to start preparing for winter. That means pulling out the sweaters and blankets, stocking up on candles to brighten winter nights, and dusting off the snow shovel. But it also means getting ready for spring.

They might look like onions, but they're really spring

The promise of spring

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Where You Lead…

It’s time to settle in for some Gilmore Girls marathons. To me this is the perfect autumn show, it just smacks of crisp fall days and the promise that comes alongside a new school year. I loved that Rory’s academic pursuits were usually such a prominent plot point – I’m just a few years younger than her and I could totally relate to the excitement and pressure that came with school.

A Stars Hollow visit is the perfect time to catch up on my knitting

A Stars Hollow visit is the perfect time to catch up on my knitting

Can we just take a moment to appreciate how awesome Stars Hollow is? I wish I could take a stroll past Miss Patty’s and then pop into Luke’s for a coffee. And the fact that there was a town knit-a-thon? Perfection!

Seasons Shawl

This is project #6 on my WIP list. It’s the Fall Seasons Shawl from Knitpicks. It’s a big complicated project that’s been languishing for almost two(!) whole years now. I’m sure once I get back into it it’ll be okay, but right now I need to figure out what exactly I was doing. Lucky for me I made notes, placed lifelines, and used plenty of stitch markers.

I got this, right?

Now where was I again?

Now where was I again?

Thus Endeth The Challenge

I’ve finally finished Guy Gavriel Kay’s River of Stars, all 630+ pages of it. It’s one of those books that I struggled through (and struggle I did – this one took me more than a month to read!), but I’m glad that I did. I’m not sure that that I actually enjoyed it, it was such a sweeping novel that looked at how key people and moments can have a large and lasting impact on history.

Personally, I prefer smaller novels. I don’t mean shorter, but rather smaller in scope – I like to know about the day-to-day lives of ordinary people. For example, fairly early in the novel we meet a fascinating brother and sister and start getting to know them, and then they just disappear. They do pop up again in passing during the last ten pages or so, but it was just enough to pique curiosity all over again. I’d like to know their story.

And that was the last title on my list. What shall I read next?