Winter is Coming…

Almost all the leaves are gone and it’s time to start preparing for winter. That means pulling out the sweaters and blankets, stocking up on candles to brighten winter nights, and dusting off the snow shovel. But it also means getting ready for spring.

They might look like onions, but they're really spring

The promise of spring

Now’s the time to plant spring-flowering bulbs. There’s something very inspirational about getting ready for the rebirth of spring before winter even really truly hits. I’m creating something to look forward to during those long, dark nights; I’ll know that under all that snow there are hundreds of little packages of colour, just waiting to burst forth. The Wild Flower Bulb Mix from Veseys is a great early spring mix that can tolerate lots of shade. They’ve been doing really well under my roses – they bloom before anything else in the garden and then the roses fill out and hide the leftovers. This year I decided to plant the same mix under my hydrangeas.

I’ll have to wait at least five or six months before I see these again. But in the meantime I’ve got this. No, it’s not an onion. It’s a Charisma Amaryllis bulb. It has beautiful pink blooms that, if I’ve done this right, should appear in early January.

Amaryllis bulb

Amaryllis bulb

Although it isn’t much to look at right now.

Not much to look at right now


Edited to add: After taking this picture I realized that the bulb isn’t supposed to be entirely buried – I’ve since repotted it so that about two inches of the top of the bulb is above the soil line.

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