Thrummed Mittens

Last winter was one of the most intense I have ever experienced. Some days were so cold that neither my hand-knit wool or alpaca mittens were warm enough. They were fine when all I had to do was walk from the door to the car, but if I was spending any significant amount of time outside the icy wind would just cut right through the minuscule gaps between stitches and numb my hands. Imagine my horror when I heard that this winter is predicted to be colder. Whether that actually plays out or not, I’m determined to be prepared this time around. Enter Thrummed Mittens.

These are mittens with bits of unspun fleece actually knitted into them and they’re supposed to be like little ovens for your hands. I’m using the Yarn Harlot’s pattern to make myself a pair. I was planning on finishing all my WIPs before starting these, but it’s already November and I could very well be needing these in a couple of weeks. That’s the beauty of hobbies, any deadlines or goals you set for yourself are flexible – it’s better to work on the mittens now so they’ll actually be available when I need them.

Winding yarn cakes

Winding yarn cakes

Remember that handspun I showed you a last week? It started off as Wool of the Andes roving from Knit Picks in Tidepool Heather. When I started winding it into a yarn cake (using my trusty Knit Picks swift and ballwinder, of course!) I realized it wasn’t quite enough for the mittens, so I’m using another skein of handspun for some subtle stripes. This one is made from Malabrigo Nube in the Aquas colourway.

Thrummed Mitten Ingredients

Thrummed Mitten Ingredients

They’re really close, so these are going to be very subtle stripes. Since the thrumming will kind of look like polka dots it’s probably best – don’t want too much going on at once!


6 thoughts on “Thrummed Mittens

  1. Hi, do you mind me asking: What brand is your ball winder? Do you like it? I’ve been looking for a good one, and I am still a little hesitant to purchase anything quite yet. 🙂

    • Hi, I use the ball winder (and swift) from Knit Picks. Since purchasing it I have heard some mixed reviews, but I’ve been using mine for two or three years now and I’m happy with it. I think it depends on how much you think you’ll use it – most of the yarn I buy is ready to use so I’m only winding yarn once or twice a month, tops. The Knit Picks ball winder is fairly inexpensive and I’m not sure that it would stand up to heavy-duty use, but I think it’s a good choice for the average home user. Hope that helps 🙂

  2. Ohhh
    I can’t wait to see how these turn out!
    I’ve been contemplating knitting my boyfriend a pair of thrummed mittens for a while…His doctor has suggested he get checked out for Raynaud’s disease a few years ago, but he never did…
    Please update and let us know if they really are little ovens!
    (Good luck on the winter, I don’t remember last winter being that bad, but I’m in Quebec, it looks like Toronto was in a pocket of awfulness!)

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