What Would Jane Make?

It’s no secret that I love crafting almost as much as reading. When the two come together it’s a magical thing indeed – craft collections inspired by fiction are one of my favourite things. No other author has made as much as an impression on my craft collection as Jane Austen. Just look at this stack!

Part of my Jane Austen collection

Part of my Jane Austen collection

My collection began when Interweave started publishing Jane Austen Knits. There’s a great mix or articles and projects, and I like the fact that the projects are inspired by, rather than made for, Jane and her world. For the most part these are projects you could actually use in daily life, but the nod to Austen is a delightful touch for those in the know.

Jane Austen Knits

Jane Austen Knits

Jane Austen Quilts features a quilt inspired by each of her novels, plus the quilt Austen made along with her sister and mother. There’s a brief introduction to each project and an introductory essay at the beginning, but otherwise it’s just straight up quilt patterns.

Jane Austen Quilts

Jane Austen Quilts

Jane Austen’s Sewing Box covers a variety of crafts. I’m not too sure about this book – it’s well researched and the photography is beautiful, but it gets repetitive pretty quickly and there’s a lot of visual filler. It’s a good book but I think I just expected more from it.

Jane Austen's Sewing Box

Jane Austen’s Sewing Box

It’s not exactly a craft book, but gardens and the outdoors feature prominently in Austen’s books, so it was nice to read more about them in In the Garden With Jane Austen. And the photography! It makes me long for misty spring mornings.

In The Garden With Jane Austen

In The Garden With Jane Austen

And then, just for fun, there’s the Marvel adaptations of Jane Austen’s novels. I wasn’t too fond of the Pride and Prejudice one – it’s the first in the series and they went with a very traditional superhero look for the artwork, all wrong for the subject matter. They changed artistic style for the later ones and I feel like they capture the tone of the novels much better.

Jane Austen comics

Jane Austen comics

So there you have it, my Jane Austen collection. Well, part of it at least – we won’t even start on all the different editions of the books there are, not to mention prequels, sequels, and movie adaptations!


4 thoughts on “What Would Jane Make?

  1. I. Love. Jane. Austen.
    She is definitely my go-to for reliable “I need to escape from my world and go to a different one where everything is familiar and comfortable” – type of reading.
    That sewing book has an absolutely beautiful cover… I would probably be the person who buys it just to display it on a coffee table!

    I’ve seen the Jane Austen knit collection, but I’m not big on shawls, scarves or finger-less mitts! Have you knit anything from it?

    It’s interesting that you posted this because the project I just finished (and blogged about!) are the direwolf mittens inspired by the starks sigil in game of thrones (which I actually haven’t read). Now I’m working on the one ring scarf for my brother, inspired by (obviously!) the lord of the rings! It seems I might have a thing for literary knits…

    • I love Jane Austen for comfort reading, sometimes I just pick them up and start reading in the middle.

      I haven’t made anything from the Jane Austen Knits yet, but there are some great socks and sweaters in each issue.

      I love your mittens – isn’t it great we can get craft inspiration from books/tv/movies!

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