Just in Time

I said I’d finish it this year, and I did.

The finished afghan

The finished afghan

This is the last project on my WIP list, aside from the Beekeeper’s Quilt (which is going to take several years anyway, that’s just the nature of scrap projects). Now I can start 2015 with a clean slate. It’s odd, I don’t really know what to do now. I have plans for so many projects, and I want to start something new, but no single yarn or pattern is calling out to me. I think I’m just going to work on some hexipuffs until I decide what to do next.

Stitching in the Stacks

It’s done!

THe finished Library Stacks quilt

The finished Library Stacks quilt

As I mentioned, this Library Stacks quilt is the largest one I’ve made to date. So large that I couldn’t work on it at my regular sewing desk. No, this puppy needed the kitchen table. Because of this fact I had to put it away for a while until I had a few solid days to work on it (I didn’t want to be hauling everything back and forth for just a few hours of sewing every now and then). This past weekend was the perfect opportunity.

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The Stash

Every year my favourite online yarn store, Knit Picks, holds a massive Cyber Monday sale. Every year I stock up for future projects. And that is how a stash grows. This year I was strong and didn’t buy anything (of course, the fact that I was at work when the sale started, thereby missing out on some of the best items, helped in that regard). When I though about it I realized that a significant portion of my stash is yarn I bought during past sales, yarn that’s been in my stash for two or more years. I decided it was time I haul it out and remind myself what’s actually there. Are you ready?

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Pretty Colours for a Dreary Day

It’s raining. Rain in December means everything outside is grey and brown and soggy, so I’ll just need to focus on the pretty colours inside. I picked up supplies for a new cross stitch pattern from wee little stitches, I love the colour scheme for this one. I’m not going to tell you what it’s supposed to be just yet, but I will give you a hint: Thank you for being a friend…

Supplies for a new project

Supplies for a new project

Cross Stitch Glasses

I finished the horn-rimmed glasses pattern from wee little stitches, it was pretty fast and straightforward. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with the finished product – I’ve seen pieces framed, stitched into pillows, worked into quilts, and sewn up into ornaments. I’m just going to let this one sit for a while until I decide.

One thing is for certain though, I’ve got a new hobby on my hands.

Cross stitch specs

Cross stitch glasses