Mabel’s Getting Lonely

I kind of felt bad for starting a new spinning project when there’s still work to be done on my WIP list, but then I realized I haven’t done any spinning since July – yikes! It was about time Mabel got some attention.

Sid singles in progress

Singles in progress

FatCatKnits 'Sid'

FatCatKnits ‘Sid’

The finished yarn is probably going to be a cowl for my brother so I chose this purplish colour from FatCatKnits. My brother does wear a lot of purple, but I really chose it for its name – it’s called ‘Sid’ (technically after this guy here) which just so happens to be the name of his workplace.

Half of the drafted fibre

Half of the drafted fibre

I’m still a beginner spinner, so I always predraft. It’s amazing how much it fluffs up – this here is only half of it!

The finished singles

The finished singles

Several episodes of Upstairs Downstairs later I had two bobbins of single ply yarn. I’m going to let it rest up a bit to set the twist, and then tomorrow we ply!

My spinning companion

My spinning companion

Of course, I can’t get anything done without Cosmo, my little crafting companion!

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