The Stash

Every year my favourite online yarn store, Knit Picks, holds a massive Cyber Monday sale. Every year I stock up for future projects. And that is how a stash grows. This year I was strong and didn’t buy anything (of course, the fact that I was at work when the sale started, thereby missing out on some of the best items, helped in that regard). When I though about it I realized that a significant portion of my stash is yarn I bought during past sales, yarn that’s been in my stash for two or more years. I decided it was time I haul it out and remind myself what’s actually there. Are you ready?

WIPs and sweaters

WIPs and Sweaters

These are my current WIPS – the pink bin is my ripple afghan and the blue is my Beekeeper’s Quilt. Then there’s the yarn for sweaters – eight sweaters!

Accessories and leftovers

Accessories and Leftovers

This picture includes the yarn for at least three scarves, two pairs of fingerless mitts, and countless leftovers. I’m always paranoid about running out of yarn for a project, so I usually buy more than I need, which means I’ve got a lot of leftovers in my stash. There’s also a lace scarf that’s been in progress since 2010, something I overlooked when compiling my WIP list back in the summer.



Here’s all my sock yarn. There’s enough here for seventeen pairs of socks, plus there will be enough leftovers for dozens of hexipuffs.

Spinning Fiber

Spinning Fiber

And finally, here we have my spinning fiber. This isn’t all of it though, there’s approximately four (yes, four!) pounds of plain white fiber. I plan on spinning the yarn for cabled sweater out of that, but who know’s when I’ll get to that.

There’s more that I didn’t photograph, mainly my handspun and acrylic scraps. I can honestly say I’m glad I didn’t cave on Cyber Monday!

5 thoughts on “The Stash

  1. Lots of goodies in there! Looks like lots of beautiful knitting in your future. I’m caving tomorrow and going to a big Boxing Day sale at my LYS. I don’t need anything at all, but I can’t pass up the chance.

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