Today’s the day for resolutions, and after seeing my stash I’m going to focus on my knitting/crafting resolutions. I’ve come to realize I don’t like having a large stash. Seeing all that yarn is a little overwhelming, and I need to make a serious dent in it.

So here are my crafting goals for 2015:

  • knit only from stash
  • no more than four projects on the go at any given time:
    1. hexipuffs
    2. knitting
    3. spinning, or a second knitting project
    4. one other craft project (sewing, cross stitch, etc.)
  • spend time with Mabel every month
  • only three yarn purchases in 2015, and only if it’s from local yarn stores – I’d like to say I’ll avoid purchasing any yarn, but I know that’s going to be hard to stick to, plus there’s a great yarn store near work and I like to support local businesses

So there you have it, I’m hoping that putting it out there for all to see will help me stick to it. I think the hardest one to stick to will be limiting the number of projects I have going at any single time, and the definition of that one is a bit vague. Just so long as I don’t end up with another eight half-finished projects.

5 thoughts on “Resolutions

  1. I’m with you. I sat down yesterday to make my crafting resolutions and the number of WIPs I have and want to finish are 10! That means in order for me to really get things done this year, I’m going to have to make the time to finish them before March. I’ll be cheering you on as you work through your stash, I’m doing the same this year. Of books, fiber and yarn!

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