We’re All Mad Here

I managed to finish January’s Alice frame just in time for the release of this month’s frame. I made a few tiny changes, mainly to Alice’s dress (I’m sorry, but it’s supposed to be short sleeves with an apron). I did also adjust their faces as well because I don’t like it when all the features are squished together in the middle, so I’ll probably do something similar for all the frames.

Alice is done!

Alice is done!

February will be devoted to Mary Lennox from The Secret Garden, but I think I’m going to concentrate on other projects for a bit before tackling this one.

I’m loving the characters so far, both played a huge role in my childhood. From the pattern description I know that Little Women, Sherlock Holmes, and The Lady of Shallot will be featured. Given the theme I’m guessing that someone from a Jane Austen novel will also make an appearance, but my ultimate wish would be to have a frame devoted to Anne of Green Gables.


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