Here’s a Clue

Well, it’s March and there’s a new occupant for my Story Time Sampler, a man who needs no introduction… Sherlock Holmes. Alas, I have nothing to show you but his empty frame, eagerly awaiting his arrival. But at least I have that much done!

My Sampler as of March 4th

My Sampler as of March 3rdΒ 

This month’s email from the Frosted Pumpkins had an extra large Β picture, one that showed a teensy bit of next month’s pattern – it’s a white house with a red roof (unfortunately no Green Gables, at least not yet!) in the top portion of the frame. I love that there’s a clue in Sherlock’s pattern release, it’s just so fitting.



6 thoughts on “Here’s a Clue

    • It certainly is a mystery. I can’t think of any books where a red roof is a prominent feature, or maybe it’s just the house in general? Just a week and a half more until we find out!

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