Here’s a Clue

Well, it’s March and there’s a new occupant for my Story Time Sampler, a man who needs no introduction… Sherlock Holmes. Alas, I have nothing to show you but his empty frame, eagerly awaiting his arrival. But at least I have that much done!

My Sampler as of March 4th

My Sampler as of March 3rd 

This month’s email from the Frosted Pumpkins had an extra large  picture, one that showed a teensy bit of next month’s pattern – it’s a white house with a red roof (unfortunately no Green Gables, at least not yet!) in the top portion of the frame. I love that there’s a clue in Sherlock’s pattern release, it’s just so fitting.



6 thoughts on “Here’s a Clue

    • It certainly is a mystery. I can’t think of any books where a red roof is a prominent feature, or maybe it’s just the house in general? Just a week and a half more until we find out!

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