I had big plans of showing you my finished Spring Morning today; the body and sleeves are done and there was just a bit more to go on the ribbed edging. I decided to take a break from the ribbing to work on the seams and that’s when this happened (cue Charlie Brown wail of frustration).

I hate seaming

I hate seaming

No matter how many times I tried redoing the sleeve seams I couldn’t get them to stop puckering, which is what happens when there’s just too much fabric there (that’ll teach me to pay attention to row gauge as well as stitch gauge). I have no choice, I’m going to have to rip back the top of the sleeves and redo them.

But first I think this project is going to the time-out corner for a bit.

5 thoughts on “Aaugh!

  1. The title doesn’t fit the picture! This doesn’t deserve an “Aaugh!” It’s looking SO beautiful!
    Although I totally understand your frustration… I’ve done more than my share of frogging this year!
    I’m excited for it to be done, the colours are amazing!

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