Take a Bow, Dame Lansbury

Between Mrs. Potts and Jessica Fletcher my childhood was pretty much defined by Angela Lansbury. Needless to say, when I found out she would be appearing at the Princess of Wales Theatre I was beyond excited.

Mementos from Blithe Spirit

Mementos from Blithe Spirit

Being able to see her perform live this weekend was an amazing opportunity, something I never would have thought possible. And as I watched her play Madame Arcati, a role that involved a great deal of physical comedy, all I could think was I hope I’m half that spry at 89! 


2 thoughts on “Take a Bow, Dame Lansbury

  1. Lovely woman and it would be amazing to see her live. My younger brother said she was his wife (Jessica Fletcher) when we were kids … 😀
    It’s great to see my “sister in law” still alive and kicking at 89.

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