Canada Blooms, Part 1

I went to Canada Blooms on Friday and it was a breath of fresh spring air – literally. They changed the layout this year and at first I couldn’t find the display gardens. Then I got a whiff of flowers and dirt and spring and I just followed my nose to this wonderland…

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In addition to all that amazing greenery I was lucky enough to attend several presentations by some topnotch garden experts.

Kate's Garden Lavender Lore

Kate’s Garden Lavender Lore

First was Kate Seaver of Kate’s Garden talking about growing and using lavender. I picked up this cute booklet from her booth and found out about the Lavender Fair coming up in June. I’m sure I’ll be telling you all about it in a few months!

David Hobson's Diary of a Mad Gardener

David Hobson’s Diary of a Mad Gardener

Next was David Hobson talking about British gardens and showing some truly amazing pictures of his travels. I was lucky enough to get a signed copy of his book. I’ve only just started reading it, but I’m thoroughly enjoying it. I totally relate to Dibble, just check out this opening line:

Gardening in Canada, eh? There’s nothing but snow and slush in the garden and I’m going crazy, cooped up, pouring over old seed catalogues.

David Hobson, Diary of a Mad Gardener, pg. 1

Finally, I got to experience Jennifer Harvey’s floral arranging firsthand. She was just standing there chatting away and effortlessly creating this beauty…

Jennifer Harvey's impromptu floral arrangement

Jennifer Harvey’s impromptu floral arrangement

The best part was that at then end we all got to go up and put together our own arrangements (with gorgeous gerber daisies donated by Pick Ontario). This is what I came up with…

My floral arrangement

My floral arrangement

I realize that’s quite enough pictures for now. So check back tomorrow for all my purchases!


2 thoughts on “Canada Blooms, Part 1

    • It really was! I read a piece by a garden writer once comparing Canada Blooms to international flower shows and he said that others might be bigger and more elaborate, but Blooms occurs when Canadian gardeners are frothing at the mouth for spring (rather than in the height of the season) so it just feels so much better for the soul. I heartily agree!

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