Spring Has Arrived

It’s done and washed and blocked. My Spring Morning cardigan is done, and only a week and a half late. And, this being Canada, it’s still cold enough to wear a thick woollen sweater.

My completed Spring Morning Cardigan

My completed Spring Morning Cardigan

I have to be totally honest, I’m not 100% in love with the finished project – it’s a bit too big and it gives the whole thing a very casual look. I’ve come to realize that my biggest hurdle when it comes to knitting (and sewing!) my own clothes is trusting that they really are going to fit. I look at the measurements given in a pattern and think to myself Better too big than too small, I’ll just go up a size to be safe. And so I end up with baggy clothes.

The final sleeve seam

The final sleeve seam

This project really reminded me how much I hate seaming. I think my next few sweaters are going to be top-down so I can eliminate as much finishing as possible. Plus, that way I can try them on as I go along and make sure they fit.

7 thoughts on “Spring Has Arrived

  1. It looks beautiful! So sorry the sizing is off, though. Maybe it’ll be a good sweater to bundle up on top of some other warmer layers in the winter.

  2. It looks beautiful!
    I still love that green so much!
    Also your stitches look so darn even!

    I personally like my cardigans a little bit oversized, but I know what you mean about making your own clothes and not being sure that they’ll fit!
    To be fair though, I have tried on two pairs of the same style of (RTW) pants, in the same colour and the same size and had them be two different sizes! (It wasn’t just me, I asked the boyfriend what he thought about “this size” vs “that size” and he said one was too big… even though they had the same size tag… and they weren’t even as big as the next size up so clearly fit is difficult!)

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