That Was Close

I had a mild panic attack the other day. I was leaving for work in the morning and I couldn’t find my house key. It’s normally attached to my car key, and looking closely I could actually see the loose link where the ring must have slipped off.

Something's missing

Something’s missing…

After searching my purse, car, driveway, garage, and anywhere else I could have dropped it I began to worry. I was absolutely convinced that someone had picked it up and was just waiting for the right moment to empty our house. In a fit of desperation I started calling everywhere I’d been during the week. Well, let’s just say I’m glad I had a distinctive key because as soon as I mentioned I’d misplaced my key the woman on the phone asked if there was a cat on it! Apparently I dropped it in their parking lot and someone brought it inside.

Good thing it's distinctive!

Good thing it’s distinctive!

Unfortunately I think it was driven over (let’s be honest, probably by me!) before someone noticed it. The ring was totally bent out of shape and the key cover was torn. I really love that key cover (Knitty Kitty from KeyDot) but I don’t want to risk losing my key again, so it’s time for a replacement.

Not looking too secure

Not looking too secure

After browsing around on Ravelry I found the most adorable pattern, Amy Whittingham’s Cozy Keys. I followed the pattern as written and 40 minutes later I had the tiniest sweater I’ve ever seen.

It's so tiny!

It’s so tiny!

But it wasn’t quite right. The neck was too big and it just slid right off my key. Plus I wasn’t too happy with the sleeves. So I tried again, this time casting on fewer stitches and the neck and picking up fewer for the sleeves.

My second attempt

My second attempt

Just to be on the safe side I worked the key ring through the top of the sweater. In total I spent about two hours, made a teensy dent in the scrap stash (I used leftover KnitPicks Stroll Hand Painted in Hayride), and got something cute I really love. I’d say that was time well spent!

Isn't it cute?

Isn’t it cute?


2 thoughts on “That Was Close

  1. I have a cat on my house key too! Mine’s printed on the key though! I never thought of knitting key cozies, it’s a really cute idea, and a great way to use up those tiny tiny scraps!

    • It’s actually amazing how little yarn it took. When I was picking up the stitches for one of the sleeves I actually started knitting from the tail-end of the yarn by mistake – and I still had more than enough to finish the sleeve!

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