I’m Actually Five…

Five years old that is.

In case my Ikea post didn’t give it away, I have a thing for toys. Aside from the odd Kinder Surprise I don’t buy myself toys all that often. Mainly because I never know what to do with them after the novelty wears off.

But there’s one in particular that I’ve had my eye on for years – a Blythe doll. They’re more of a collector item than a toy, and the price reflects that. But every once in a while I get a bit obsessive and spend hours browsing the internet looking at all the cute clothes and accessories people buy for their dolls and planning what I’d make. But these cuties are not readily available in North America and they are expensive – once you factor in the exchange rate and shipping and customs it’s in the $350+ range. I just can’t justify that for myself right now.

So instead I’m knitting myself a doll from the appropriately titled Arne & Carlos book Knitted Dolls. I’m only using stash yarn and it was quite fun picking out colours – I’m going for a bit of an Anne Shirley look for this first doll (I’ve got enough to make another doll if I enjoy the process).

Soon this will be a doll

Soon this will be a doll


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