In The Garden

The Victoria Day long weekend is the unofficial start of the growing season in these parts so here are a few pictures of my garden.

I absolutely love lilacs; they’re so short-lived but they pack so much beauty and fragrance into the few short weeks they’re here.



I found these tiny pansies that had somehow self-seeded (just to give you an idea of how small they are, that’s moss they’re growing out of).



Remember those bulbs I planted in the fall? Well, they’re coming along quite nicely.  They’re a bit more spread out than I’d like, but the muscari naturalizes quickly. There were some adorable crocuses in the mix as well, but I didn’t get any pictures of those when they bloomed a few weeks back. Once these are done the hydrangeas in the back will fill out. And we’ll just ignore the weeds for now…

Spring bulbs

Spring bulbs

I never get many strawberries from these plants (the squirrels always get there first!) but the plants sure are nice to look at.





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