Meet Anne

I loved working on this doll so much that I couldn’t stop. Her body is done and all that’s left is her hair (and clothes, of course, but that will be an ongoing project).

She's missing something

She’s missing something

After reading project notes on Ravelry I decided to put a support in her neck. After all, she does have a rather thin neck supporting that large head of hers! I rolled up a strip of fabric, wrapped it in yarn, an placed it so that half was in her torso and half was in her head.

Yarn wrapped fabric roll

Yarn wrapped fabric roll

The instructions were pretty straightforward so her head was easy to finish, although it sure looked creepy flopping around without eyes or stuffing!

Is it an alien?

Is it an alien?

As I mentioned, I’m going for an Anne Shirley look; in the book Anne is first described as having eyes that are “grey in some lights and moods and green in others” so I chose some grey doll’s eyes I had in my stash from my amigurumi phase a few years back.

Isn't she cute?

Isn’t she cute?

She took about three days and used only materials from my stash. Now I just need to decide on a hairstyle.


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