Hey Carrots!

She has hair. Glorious auburn hair to be precise (although a certain Gilbert Blythe will insist on calling her carrots).

Anne Shirley

Anne Shirley

I started by stitching a hairline and part. I was planning on giving her a side braid so I placed her part off-centre.

The hairline

The hairline

I looped the yarn around the book itself  and then cut one end to make sure it was all the same length.

Winding the yarn for hair

Winding the yarn for hair

Then I used a crochet hook to attach her hair.

The closet I'll ever come to preforming brain surgerey

The closet I’ll ever come to preforming brain surgery

I decided to add a few green stands in honour of Anne’s attempts at dying her hair.

Looking good

Looking good

Here she is with all her hair attached. Yes, she is under all of that!

Cousin It?

Cousin It?

It turns out that her hair was too thick to do a single braid, so I went with pigtails instead. Realistically, the red pigtails are more iconically ‘Anne’ anyway.

Look at those braids!

Look at those braids!

I absolutely loved working on this. I wasn’t particularly planning on making an Anne doll, but when I went into my stash I found the perfect shades of Knit Picks Palette yarn to make her (her skin is Oyster Heather and her hair is Autumn Heather, undergarments and streaks are Lichen).

Now I get to make her clothes. I think I’m going to try and recreate outfits from the novels/movies. It all depends on what’s in the stash!

10 thoughts on “Hey Carrots!

  1. sweetpea2love says:

    Oh my goodness I love your project so much, and you’ve done such a beautiful job with the doll. The hair is outstandingly amazing.. Bravo my dear..

    Take care and happy crafting from Laura ~

  2. She is so cute !
    I just started reading the Anne series this year (can you believe it, over twenty years of existence without reading Anne?!) and I absolutely love them. I’m also currently dabbling into the Emily series!

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