Somewhere in France

I’ve finished my first Evergreen book of 2015, and let’s just say we’re off to a rocky start. I had some trepidations about Jennifer Robson’s Somewhere in France before starting. My first issue, really more of a personal gripe and nothing to do with the specific title, is that it’s set during WWI and it seems like every other book these days is set somewhere between WWI and WWII – I’m just burnt out on the time period.

Another issue is that it’s a very typical romance novel. Now, I’m not a fan of the genre as a whole but I will admit that every genre has potential. A fan of romances would probably enjoy this, and for the most part it was pleasant enough. But there was no substance to this – it really wasn’t on the same level as a typical Evergreen Nominee.

But my major issue was Lily, the main character. She started out with such promise, a  strong-willed woman striving for independence. Yet whenever she was around Robbie, the novel’s (rather boring) hero, he became the centre of the universe. You know what, this actually reminds me a lot of the Twilight series, it’s an immature love story that is most definitely not between equals. I know that heroines in romance novels are typically very naive and innocent, but I would say that Lily crossed the line into ignorant. There was one scene in particular that really disturbed me…but I’m not going to go there.

Wow, that’s a pretty negative review, isn’t it? Well, I will say that the book does appear to be well researched. And, that one scene aside, I guess I could recommend it to avid romance readers. But I don’t think I’ll be reading any more books by Robson.


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