The Beginning…

…Of a new collection, that is. You might remember that vintage magazine I bought last year. Well, when I was at Market Road Antiques picking up buttons I also managed to buy more magazines, these ones from 1918/1919!

The first is The Modern Priscilla from January 1918.

Doesn't she look modern?

Doesn’t she look modern?

This seems like a great women’s magazine for its time, it’s full of needlework patterns and fashion spreads, but then there’s also a section on budgeting and food substitutions and meatless meals (remember, this was published during WWI). And it was interesting seeing ads for products I still use today.

Lovely fashions

Lovely fashions

The second magazine I bought was really more of a thread brand pamphlet, the Bucilla Blue Book of Crochet. As the title suggests it’s full of crochet patterns, mostly using a fine thread that makes my eyes hurt just thinking about it.

Lovely crochet booklet

Lovely crochet booklet

But my absolute favourite part was this notation I found inside.

The personalization is what makes it

The personalization is what makes it

It’s a pattern for a granny square that ‘looks like a little yellow flower’. Also, I’m not sure if this is in regards to the little yellow flower of the original pattern on the page, but something ‘took 1st prize in 1935 Ottawa’ and ‘1 Prize 1936 Toronto’. What I find really interesting is that it took those prizes almost 20 years after this little booklet was first printed – my imagination is having a field day with that one!


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