Anne Finally Has Clothes

Well, she has a skirt at least. I had planned to give my Anne doll clothes inspired by the outfits she wore in the books, thinking I could use a mix of sewn and knitted clothes. Well, making anything with sleeves proved to be quite difficult since her hands are so much larger than her arms and nothing would slip over them. I’m still going to experiment a bit and see if I can figure something out (since I have some fabric scraps that would be just perfect for her clothes!) but in the meantime I decided to make a quick skirt for her.

From start to (almost) finish

From start to (almost) finish

I unravelled some woven squares and started on a basic skirt pattern from the Knitted Dolls books.

The finished skirt

The finished skirt

It actually took me longer than I anticipated to knit this up. I omitted the garter border from the bottom but I’m kind of regretting that now, quite a bit of length was lost to the curling.

Anne Finally has some clothes!

Anne finally has some clothes!

Now I just need to make her a cute sweater.

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