Manitoulin Island

This past weekend I was lucky enough to get away to Manitoulin Island for a few days. We had to take a ferry across Lake Huron (the MS Chi-Cheemaun, which is Ojibwe for ‘big canoe’) and we wereย this close to missing it. Seriously, they started pulling up the ramp less than a minute after we got on.

MS Chi-Cheemaun

Just made it on the Chi-Cheemaun

Once we got out onto the water it was pretty foggy, so there wasn’t really much to see.

A cloudy crossing

A cloudy crossing

It cleared up nicely once we were there, perfect weather for hiking on some of the Islands many trails. I think Misery Bay was my favourite – a gorgeous spot with a totally inappropriate name.

Isn't nature amazing?

Isn’t nature amazing?

The only downside to this trip was All. The. Driving. There was just so much driving from place to place. But it was worth it. The thing about Manitoulin Island is that it’s an island (obviously!) in a lake, so it would be easy to assume it’s tiny. It isn’t. This is the view from a lookout near Gore Bay, just a small part of the island.

Looking down on Gore Bay

Looking down on Gore Bay


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