Time for Lunch

I’ve been looking around for a lunch bag for a while and couldn’t find anything I liked so I did what any aspiring sewer does – I looked for patterns online. Pink Penguin’s Lunch Bag Tutorial  takes you through the steps of creating a cute drawstring lunch bag and it seemed pretty simple.

The makings of my lunch bag

The makings of my lunch bag

And yes, I am using my library fabric again. You’d think I would be tired of the Bookish line from Connecting Threads by now, after all I not only have a quilt and pillowcase, I also have two project bags made from it. Maybe I will grow tired someday, but not today!

Anyway, all the pieces came together pretty quickly. I wanted a bit of insulation for my bag so instead of using iron-on interfacing I used quilt batting. I don’t think I’d carry popsicles around in it or anything, but it should be good enough to keep things cool during my commute.

All the parts are assembled

All the parts are assembled

Unfortunately the spool of ribbon I bought only had enough for one of the drawstrings.

OOhh, so close

OOhh, so close

I had to put the project on hold for a few days until I could get to the store for more ribbon. But I eventually finished it.

The finished bag

The finished bag

Wouldn’t you know it, before I actually got a chance to use this I found my perfect (and store bought) lunch bag – a properly insulated one with a wipeable lining and its own containers designed to fit inside. So it turns out I now have three matching project bags.

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