Made It!

I made it to the end of my Hermione’s Everyday Socks and I didn’t run out of yarn, although once again I really felt like I was cutting it close.

Taking pictures of your own feet is hard

Taking pictures of your own feet is hard

In fact, I measured the leftover yarn and, between the two skeins of sock yarn, there was less than 10 yards left – not even enough for a hexipuff!

The leftovers

The leftovers

I really enjoyed this pattern, but I had a huge D’oh moment. When I got to the heel flap part of the pattern it said to work a specific type of heel. I had never heard of this particular technique, and a cursory glance through one of my knitting books produced nothing (I could have looked through more but I was being lazy). So I went ahead and knit a heel flap in the stitch pattern with a slipped-stitch edge.  It was only when I was well into the second sock that I found the directions for this specific heel technique Erica Lueder called for – on the first page of the pattern! Let this be a lesson to always read the pattern (and all the notes and extra information at the beginning) thoroughly before starting.

They're done!

The heel still looks okay, right?

Yardage issues aside, I liked this yarn. It knits up into the quintessential pair of thick woollen socks. I have enough in my stash for another pair of socks, but I don’t know if I’d buy it again. Yes, it is nice, but there’s a lot of nice yarn out there that has a lot more yardage.

Love the stitch pattern

Love the stitch pattern

I do know this though, I will definitely be making more of Erica Lueder’s Harry Potter patterns.


4 thoughts on “Made It!

  1. LT says:

    We must have finished the same project around the same time! I finished my hermione socks this weekend.

    The next one I can’t wait to try is her Weasley rib socks!

    Looks great!

    • That is too funny – I grafted the toe on Sunday evening 🙂

      I’m eying the Weasley Homestead pattern as my next pair of Harry Potter socks, I have the perfect orange yarn for it (the rest of my Patons FX actually).

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