How Could I Not Know?

I love shopping in thrift shops but I usually stick to knick-knacks and books. However, I recently read about using thrift store sheets as muslins when sewing (basically a practice piece so you can try out a pattern and make sure you understand all the techniques and that everything fits okay). So when my errands took me by Value Village I decided to pop in and have a look. How did I not know what a great fabric source this place was?

Aren't they pretty?

Aren’t they pretty?

I know I went with the intention of using them for muslins, but they were too pretty for that. I decided that these two would be perfect for pyjamas.

Vintage Flower Sheets

Vintage Flower Sheets

I pulled out my trusty pyjama pattern and got to work. I can’t get over how much fabric there is – even after cutting out the pattern pieces I have plenty left over for another project. And each sheet was only $4 or $5 – in the fabric store I’d pay at least $15 for the yardage to make pyjama bottoms!

Cutting out the pattern

Cutting out the pattern

Both floral sheets were lovely thick cottons, and they worked up into perfect pyjamas.

Pink floral pyjamas

Pink floral pyjamas

Super comfy to wear, but not the most interesting thing to look at.

Purple floral pyjamas

Purple floral pyjamas

Stay tuned for more thrifted sewing projects!



13 thoughts on “How Could I Not Know?

    • This was my first time venturing into that section and I was pleasantly surprised. Although, everything went straight into the washing machine (on its hottest, most vigorous setting) as soon as I got home – can never be too careful.

  1. Love them! I didn’t know either. That looks like actual bolts of fabric you found not just sheets! Amazing! Looks like I need to add a new stop on my fabric hunt list.

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