Some People Collect Shoes, Others Collect Stamps…

…I collect house plants. I know that come winter all my plants are going to be crowded at the one window with decent light, but that doesn’t stop me from buying more. This week I bought myself two rarities (well, they’re rare in these parts at least).

First off we have an actual olive tree. It’s tiny now, but I’m hoping to eventually train it into a decent sized potted tree.

You could say I'm extending the olive branch...

You could say I’m extending the olive branch…

And here we have a tea plant! It’s a bit smaller than the olive, and I think this one is going to end up looking more like a bush than a tree, but aren’t those leaves pretty?

Green tea in a green pot

Green tea in a green pot

Remember those coffee plants I bought last year? They are doing quite well if I do say so myself. I gave some away and one or two didn’t make it through the winter, but I still have six healthy plants.

Three of my six surviving plants

Three of my six surviving plants

And since I’m showing you all my plants I might as well show you this. That’s the Charisma Amaryllis I started from a bulb last fall. I left it in the sun all summer so it could store up lots of energy, and in another few weeks I’ll stop watering it. The idea is to let it dry out completely and go dormant for a little bit, then start the process all over again. I think that before I try bringing it back I’m going to transplant it – this pot is gorgeous but it’s actually concrete and super heavy!

My amaryllis

My amaryllis

I’ll update you in a few months when I’ll know if it worked.

That’s it for now, but don’t worry, there’s still a lot going on in my garden!


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