My Favourite Cardigan

A while ago I was browsing projects on Ravelry and came across a stunning cardigan with the most lovely subtle cables down the front and sleeves. Imagine my surprise when I checked the notes and realized the pattern was from a book I’ve owned for years. Wendy Bernard’s Custom Knits is a great book of sweaters but I had flipped past the Favourite Cardigan every single time because of the way it’s styled in the picture.

Totally not my style

Totally not my style

It doesn’t look bad or anything (although I never understood why a cable cardigan that was specifically made to be in a  knitting book would be worked in black yarn – you can hardly see the details!) but it just really isn’t my style. Bare shoulders and a bare midriff? Doesn’t suit this librarian at all. But this is knit top-down in one piece, meaning the adjustments to bring up the shoulders and bring down the waist should be pretty easy.

I had some Knit Picks Andes del Campo in my stash that was just begging to become a fall sweater. It’s a beautiful rustic looking yarn that is surprisingly squishy, and I think this colour (Brass Heather, if you were wondering) is going to look great with those moose buttons I didn’t use on my last cardigan. I cast on fewer stitches so that the neckline would be smaller but I followed the pattern as written for the cable placement. I wasn’t too pleased with the result; the cables didn’t match up with the ribbing and while it’s not really that noticeable something just seemed off.

Something doesn't look quite right...

Something doesn’t look quite right…

I debated just ignoring this and knitting on, but I’m glad I didn’t. It only took me a few hours to undo and reknit the little bit I had and I like how smoothly the ribbing flows into the cables now that I shifted things around.

Much better!

Much better!

Better to take that extra bit of time now and have something I’ll truly love than to cut corners and never wear the finished project.


5 thoughts on “My Favourite Cardigan

  1. The “restart” looks absolutely gorgeous, the cables really pop in that yarn. I think you were 100% right starting over, although the first picture doesn’t look bad, it isn’t nearly as satisfying as the second one!

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