Lime and Avocado Treasure Chest

It’s no secret that I love shopping in thrift shops, but you might not know how early it started. When I was about 8 and visiting my grandmother I noticed her neighbours were having a garage sale. I wandered across the street and was captivated by this lime and avocado chest. After plunking down the princely sum of $2 I went home with my treasure.

Don't be fooled by its humble exterior

Don’t be fooled by its humble exterior

It opens up to reveal the Betty Crocker Recipe Card Library from the early 1970s. Here we have dozens of recipe cards organized into various categories. Each card has a letter and number on it so that you can easily put it back in its proper place – it’s those little details that make my librarian heart sing!

It's a treasure trove of 70s delicacies

It’s a treasure trove of 70s delicacies

There’s the regular stuff like ‘American Classics’ and ‘Dessert Spectaculars’ but then there are the more dated sections like ‘Budget Casseroles’ (featuring the lovely beef casserole pictured below, complete with a corn chip crust) and an entire section for ‘Fondues’. There are also quite a few recipes for jelly salads, something I’ve never tried and doubt I ever will. Here you can see the picture of shrimp salad sitting on a jello base; to be fair, its tomato juice mixed into lemon jello, so the flavours probably do work with the shrimp – but still!

Maybe 'delicacy' isn't the right word

Maybe ‘delicacy’ isn’t the right word

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