A Good, Plain Herbstwind

The other day I had to attend an event where I knew there would be some downtime, perfect for crafting. But my cardigan is too big to be portable, and my Story Time Sampler required too much of my attention. Time for a new project! I love basic socks (my go-to pattern is the Yarn Harlot’s Good, Plain Sock) as a travel project and they’re the perfect way to let the yarn take centre stage.

That was quick...

That was quick…

The yarn is Schoppel-Wolle Crazy Zuaberball in the Herbstwind colour. I like the colour but I love the name even more, that’s actually what sold me on the yarn. Google Translate tells me that ‘herbst’ is German for ‘autumn’ so in my mind the colour translates to ‘autumn wind’ – a perfect yarn for this time of year!

The yarn is thinner than any sock yarn I’ve used before, and the resulting fabric isn’t as soft and squishy as I’m used to in a sock. I’m not sure if I like it, I’ll have to wear them a few times before I make my final decision.

He wasn't cooperating

He wasn’t cooperating

And of course I tried to get Cosmo to pose like the black cat on the yarn label, with less than stellar results.


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