My Not-So-Favourite Cardigan

The body of my Favourite Cardigan was complete so it was time to pick up stitches for the button bands. It didn’t go so well. You can see that the ribbing is way too stretched and is trying to pull the top and bottom if the cardigan closer together, with pretty awful results.

That doesn't look right...

That doesn’t look right…

Now, here’s my mistake – whenever I’m knitting I always add an extra stitch to each end and slip it so that the edges are a bit neater and it’s easier to pick up and knit. This means that every ‘stitch’ on the edge actually represents two rows of knitting. Standard knitting instructions tell you to skip a stitch/row for every two (or three or four, depending on who you’re listening to) you pick up and knit.Β But when you think about it, I’already only knitting every other so I should probably ignore those rules.

I’m going to set this aside for a while. Once I do get back to it I think I’m going to try picking upΒ and knitting every edge stitch and seeing how that goes.


3 thoughts on “My Not-So-Favourite Cardigan

  1. The secret is to figure out the ratio between your stitch and your row gauge. So, for example, if you have 6 stitches per inch and 9 rows per inch, then you want to fit six stitches into those 9 rows when you go to pick up your edging (that’s where that pick up 3 stitches for every 4 rows, etc. comes from in patterns). If you use that, it should help you pick up the right number of stitches for the length of the edging. Ribbing will always pull in more than stockinette so it will still probably look a bit wonky until it is blocked. Hope that helps.

    • So that’s the trick (I always wondered why the number to knit changed – turns out it’s all about gauge) Thank you so much, now I can approach the reknitting strategically πŸ™‚

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