I Might Have Lost My Mind…

I’ve been seeing pictures of teeny-tiny crochet blankets all over the internet for ages now and finally decided to try them out for myself. A lot of the tutorials used sewing machine thread but I thought I’d ease myself into it with embroidery floss (just the plain DMC threads you get at Michael’s for embroidery or cross-stitch).

Not crazy at all!

Not crazy at all!

I decided to go with basic granny squares since they’re pretty easy and  they always look so cheerful.

The squares worked up relatively quickly, but they were really fiddly – no surprise there!

They grow up so quickly!

They grow up so quickly!

I had visions of making a little blanket perfectly sized for a doll (maybe Anne?) but it turns out I only had enough of the blue thread to make four squares. I found it difficult to maintain an even gauge, and joining the individual squares was actually quite difficult so the finished ‘blanket’ is a wonky looking four square affair.

Needs a good blocking

Needs a good blocking

A good long soak in hot water and some super aggressive blocking helped a lot. It’s an odd size for a doll blanket – the individual squares are too big but the overall piece is too small. It did, however, make the perfect coaster. The most labour-intensive coaster I own, but pretty nonetheless.

Now I just need some tea

Now I just need some tea

I love how this came out, but I don’t see myself doing this again in the near future.


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