Falling Off The Wagon

Remember way back when I made my New Year’s resolutions? I haven’t really stuck to them (I certainly have not been spinning every month!), but the one that I was pretty good at was limiting my yarn purchases – I actually hadn’t bought any yarn for the entire year. Until now.

Knit Picks was having a 15% off everything sale and I went a little overboard…

That's a lot of yarn...

That’s a lot of yarn…

Every year I’ve bought myself the Knit Picks calendar, so I really had to order that. And then there was the big project I was planning on attempting next year (that’s going to get its own blog post in the future). And then there was all the other bits and pieces that found their way into my shopping cart.

I swear I’m not usually such an impulsive shopper!

I think this little combination here is my favourite purchase. When I saw the pictures on the Knit Picks website I instantly fell in love with the Folklore Kit – a cute mug and bag alongside eight balls of matching yarn. I debated buying that kit for hours. The thing is, it was more than $45 (plus the exchange rate) and I didn’t really want the bag or that much yarn.

All the best parts

All the best parts

It took me ages to realize I could just order the mug and individual balls of matching yarn (in a yarn base that I’ll actually use). I got all the best parts of the kit for less than half the price and I didn’t add to the stash needlessly, something I’m very proud of.

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