Prince Edward Island

I’m wrapping up my month of Anne with my trip to Prince Edward Island. I was lucky enough to go in 2009 with a group of fellow Anne-lovers. After reading and rereading the books for more than a decade it was a bit overwhelming to actually be there.

One of the most surreal moments of my life

One of the most surreal moments of my life

Green Gables was actually a lot smaller than I imagined it, but it was magical nonetheless.

The Haunted Woods were beautiful, but not really all that scary on a bright summer’s day.

The Haunted Wood

The Haunted Wood

I love they way they set up Green Gables to look like Anne and Marilla and Matthew had just stepped out. I mean, Anne’s clothes are still strewn across the bed just like any teenager getting ready in the morning.

Anne's room

Anne’s room

At the Green Gables Museum we got to take a carriage ride with ‘Matthew’ and a horse named Prince.

Matthew's Carriage Ride

Matthew’s Carriage Ride

I’ve heard it so many times before, but I really was surprised to see how red the roads actually were.

The roads really are that red...

The roads really are that red…

We also went to Avonlea Village, a recreation of Anne’s village complete with actors in period costume.

Stepping back in time

Stepping back in time

Seeing L.M.Montgomery’s typewriter and some of her personal papers was especially touching.

L.M. Montgomery's typerwriter

L.M. Montgomery’s typerwriter

I really owe so much to Montgomery and the world she created. From what I’ve read it seems like she led a very difficult life, especially at the end. But I hope that somehow, somewhere, she knows what an impact she’s had on millions of young readers like myself.

The End

Thanks for everything Lucy Maud


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