New Spectacles

After more than 10 years wearing various versions of black square frames I decide it was time for a change. They’re pretty dark, but my new glasses are burgundy – quite a bold choice for me.

Of course I matched my cross stitch to my glasses, doesn't everyone?

Of course I matched my cross stitch to my glasses, doesn’t everyone?

So when I was looking for a quick cross stitch project to tide me over until the next Story Time Sampler frame (it’s Little Women, in case you were wondering, and I’ll be starting on that asap) I decided to revisit the Horn Rimmed Glasses pattern from Wee Little Stitches I made almost a year back.

Since this was my second time stitching this pattern it went much quicker. I also decided to try out some Thread Heaven after reading about it on various cross stitch blogs and forums.

Thread Heaven

Thread Heaven

I’ve heard this stuff is magic so I had to give it a try. I ran my floss across it once or twice and then rubbed it between my fingers before I started stitching. The thread still tangled a bit, but not nearly as much as before, so that’s a huge plus. However, when I finished stitching I put the piece to soak it hot soapy water for a bit and when I took it out there was all this grit left over; it almost looked like the Thread Heaven had melted out of the piece and settled at the bottom as the water cooled. The fabric and stitching didn’t seem to be affected so it wasn’t a problem, but I don’t know if that’s normal or not.

Wee Little Stitches horn rimmed glasses

Now what?

Now I have two matching pairs of cross stitch glasses just laying around. I’d eventually like to make another one that looks like tortoiseshell frames (maybe variegated floss? maybe two different coloured strands? we’ll see), get matching picture frames, and hang all three as a series.

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