Scrub, Scrub, Scrub

When I was a beginner knitter I often scoffed at the washcloths included in so many of the learn-to-knit books. Why spend all that time on a towel? I did eventually cave in and try knitting some when an extra bright and cheerful ball of dishcloth cotton caught my eye, but I wasn’t quite convinced.

All set for winter

All set for winter

Fast forward a few years when I discovered the joys of cleansing lotion – it’s amazing for dry winter skin. And what works best for wiping away that lotion? You guessed it – hand knit washcloths. I was converted…

I picked up a couple balls of Knit Picks Dishie in my last yarn order and set to work on Grandmother’s Favourite washcloth pattern. I’ve tried other patterns before but I’ve found that the garter stitch offers just the right amount of texture for me. Plus it’s a super easy pattern, I can even work on these while watching hockey.

Knitting and sipping...

Knitting and sipping…

From past experience I knew that I could squeeze three washcloths from each ball, but that these would be a little small for my liking. I decided to make them a bit bigger and use that little bit left over from each ball to make a two-toned washcloth.

That was close!

That was close!

See those scraps right there? Those were all that was left after weaving in the ends! In total I got five washcloths out of the two balls, and I’m ready for cold/dry/harsh winter air.



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