One of a Kind

I’m not one for Black Friday shopping, and while I like the idea of Small Business Saturday but rarely get out for it.

They're smart to sell these at the door!

They’re smart to sell these at the door

All this is to say that I try to avoid shopping at this time of year. But I made and exception this year for The One of a Kind Show – a show devoted to handmade goods. Get ready to see some (alright, quite a few) of my favourite purchases.

I thought this fabric basket from by Nipa Gandhi would be perfect to hold roving while I’m spinning.

There are reindeer on it, need I say more?

There are moose on it, need I say more?

I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a yarn bowl for a while now, so when I saw the lovely pottery ones by Isabella from The Windmill of Provence I had to get one.

It's about time I tried one of these

It’s about time I tried one of these

I have a weakness for candles. I discovered a company called Smells Like Canada that makes soy candles that, well, smell like Canada. There are scents inspired by all the different provinces and some of the national parks. But the one that really got my attention was the Double Double scent – if there is one scent that every single Canadian is guaranteed to recognize it would be a double double from Tims, and this candle smells spot on. I also got some soy candles from Campy – one inspired by long weekends and the other by good karma. Plus that adorable button of a sheep knitting.

Did I mention how much I love candles?

Did I mention how much I love candles?

These cute cupcake hair clips actually smell like strawberry cupcakes! They’re made by Candiware, where I also picked up some extra oil to keep them smelling yummy!

Strawberry cupcakes for your hair!

Strawberry cupcakes for your hair!

Not only did Honey Pie Hives and Herbals have an amazing selection of flavoured honey (I got chocolate and wildflower, and of course I had to go for the ones in the honey bear jars!), they also had some yummy herbal tea blends – made from herbs they grew and harvested themselves!

Honey bears

Honey bears – cute and delicious!

Speaking of honey, I’ve always been partial to honey/bee imagery, so when I saw this bag by Jenna Rose I was smitten! It’s the perfect size for my essentials, the strap is long enough to wear cross-body, and it’s covered in bees.

Speaking of bees....

Perfect for the essentials

I also picked up a few cards and magnets. I’m planning to buy a few cross stitch patterns today as part of Cyber Monday, but other than that I think I’m done shopping for a while!


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