A Stitch in Time

You know that saying: ‘a stitch in time saves nine’? I never truly understood that until now. Repairing these socks took me four solid days worth of crafting time. I could have knit a whole other sock in that time!

Now I understand that saying!

Now I understand that saying!

Before getting started I watched an entire series of sock repair videos over at the Knit Picks website. It took two different methods to patch these up. But they’re done and they’re wearable again and my mom appreciates them.

I didn’t really notice how bad the ball of the foot was until I de-fuzzed the socks. There weren’t any actual holes, but the yarn was worn so thin that holes would soon be inevitable. For this section I used the Swiss Darning method, which is basically using duplicate stitch to reinforce the weak sections of yarn. This is where the darning egg would have come into play. I tried it and realized that I preferred using just my hand, I felt like I had more control that way. Maybe a darning egg takes practice?

That took longer than I anticipated...

That took longer than I anticipated…

Next was the hole at the heels. I’ve seen tutorials online where you basically weave a patch into the hole, but I decided to go with the patching method from the tutorial. You essentially pick up stitches and then knit a patch over the hole.

Watch the eyes!

Watch the eyes!

The tension isn’t the greatest, but the repairs all on the bottom of the foot so the repairs won’t be too noticeable.

At least they're wearable

At least they’re wearable

I will never let it get to this stage again. I will certainly be inspecting my hand knit socks more carefully now and will hopefully be able to catch (and fix) wear and tear before it gets too bad. After all, a stitch in time…

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