Soothing an Angry Dwarf

Unfortunately my Angry Dwarf roving ended up taking a back seat to some other projects, but it’s all done now so all is well.

Isn't it pretty?

Isn’t it pretty?

I’m starting to see more consistency in my spinning, while my singles are still thick-and-thin they are no longer alternating between lace and bulky. I think the key is to pace myself and not try and force myself to finish it all in one go – that way lies cramped hands!

Singles waiting to be plied

Singles waiting to be plied

For the first time in forever the two bobbins contained almost an equal amount of yarn, this was all that was leftover!

That's all!

That’s all!

The plied yarn actually looked quite pastel on the bobbin, but I think that was just because of where  it ended in the colour sequence.

Seems very pastel...

Seems very pastel…

After a nice long soak I’m left with this; around 380 yards of DK weight. I think it’s going to make a lovely scarf someday!

Better off the bobbin...

Better off the bobbin…

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