Crafting to Give Back

I want to start by saying that I’ve tried not to get into politics or religion or anything that could potentially be controversial here on my blog, but the simple fact is that there will be a lot of refugees arriving in Canada in the coming months. In the dead of winter. Canadian winters are cold. So I’ve decided to knit hats for 1000 Stitches for Syria, a Toronto group that aims to include handmade items in the welcome packages for incoming refugees. I’m using the Barley pattern from Tin Can Knits and whatever wool leftovers I have in my stash, and these things are flying off my needles.

My knitting basket is overflowing...

My knitting basket is overflowing…

I realize that knitting isn’t the most practical form of helping out. Money is probably the most useful resource, and I have given what I can afford, but I really think knitting for charity is more about making the knitter feel good. I look at the news everyday and just feel so helpless, but when I’m knitting these hats it’s comforting to know that someone is going to be warm because of me. Maybe they’ll be able to feel a bit of the love and good thoughts I’m trying to knit into the wool. Knitting makes me feel like I’m actually doing something.

I’m going to devote my knitting time over the next few weeks to these hats and then try and get to Toronto drop-off point in early January. I’ll keep you posted!


9 thoughts on “Crafting to Give Back

  1. I’d lost my knitting mojo and starting to knit shawls for charity got me back on the needles. I love not worrying about matching colors or pattern to a particular person. I get to knit what I enjoy and the items will bless someone in need or going through a tough time. I plan to have a good stack of shawls to donate by next Fall. Yes, money is a great way to support a cause you believe in, but giving our time and talent is also a wonderful, personal way to give back.

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