Elderberry Socks, Part Two

I’ve finished my first pair of socks for 2016 and I might need to rethink my goals. One of my resolutions was to knit 10 pairs of socks this year and that is simply not going to happen.


The colour is just so juicy

But I do love the finished Elderberry Socks! The ribbing makes them wonderfully stretchy and keeps them from bagging at my ankles.

I did have a tough time with this yarn though, it just kept tangling up on itself. I think I encountered the worst snarl I’ve ever come across about halfway through the first sock. After trying to untangle it for more than an hour (!) I finally gave up and cut out a huge chunk of it. I’ve used Knit Picks Stroll many times in the past with no problems so I don’t know why this one was so difficult. Maybe it has something to do with sitting around caked for years…


Ribbing always makes socks look disproportionate…

This pair took over a month, and that was with relatively few other projects. If I want to do anything other than knit socks this year I’m going to need to rethink my goals. I think eight will be doable, that will give me a month and a half per pair. Seems reasonable, right?

8 thoughts on “Elderberry Socks, Part Two

  1. ❤ Such a pretty purple! They look great 🙂
    I agree that it is quite annoying to come across while knitting. The untangling takes up some time.
    Looking forward to more pairs of lovely socks.

  2. They look comfortable! What pattern did you use? Or are you one of those enviable people who can just sit down and knit a pair of socks?

    Last year I set myself the (in retrospect ridiculous) goal of knitting 15 pairs of socks, thinking that in the process I would become an expert sock knitter, use up all the sock yarn in my stash, and give everyone socks for Christmas – none of which happened! I forgave myself and have made no knitting resolutions for this year that involve quantities. Your eight, however, seems reasonable – good luck!

    • Thanks – I used the basic sock recipe from the Yarn Harlot’s Knitting Rules! It’s my go-to for plain socks so I’ve pretty much got it memorized now – does that count as being able to just sit down and knit socks 😉
      And Oh. My. Goodness! 15 pairs is quite an ambitious goal! How many did you end up with?

      • Nine – four of which were in bulky yarn. There should have been ten pairs, but I realized five days before Christmas that the first one was too tight after I had already turned the heel. The upshot: the alpaca hat I gifted instead of this ill-fated pair of socks was a BIG hit.

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